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What is SuperState?

You have most likely experienced it yourself. On some days you just feel amazing! Everything just seems to kind of go your way! You are in a state where you feel good, get things done, you smile, set personal records, get comments from others – everything is simply kind of SUPER! On the contrary. Other days, you feel just lousy. Nothing seems to go your way, you are stressed and feel all other than super. The super days are great, but often it is hard to know what is causing such days and experience them on a regular basis. Why is that and can you influence it?

Well, that is basically the main reason why SuperState was born.

So. What the heck is being in SuperState?  

Explaining what a SuperState is and feels like is kind of hard actually. Most likely it is also different from person to person which makes it even harder to describe it in words. For instance, “Flow” is likely something you have heard about. It is a form of state where you per definition feel your best, perform your best, time flies by and so on. Something like that could have been a definition of the desired Superstate as well, but that would be accurate.

Because SuperState is even more. It’s not just the “hunt” for being in a Flow like state. It is being grateful, having fun, nurturing your relationship etc – basically having a super life in a more general term. And it is your personal definition of super that counts. So as we like to simplify things let’s just start by saying that being in a SuperState is when you kind of feel “super”!

Explaining what a SuperState feels like is hard enough, but there is even more to it. SuperState is also about being in control of which type of state you want to be in and being prepared for whatever hits you. To understand yourself better and being more in control of your days and own life. It is almost like you have developed superpowers and have super tools available that help you do amazing things. How cool and fun wouldn’t it be to have such powers! Growing each day you experience what is your kryptonite (the things you should avoid) and your fuel (the things that make you thrive). You become like your own superhero that is prepared to tackle anything that comes in your way.

Taking you from knowing to doing.

Being in a SuperState is fun and cool! However, as with many things, when it comes to it, you can’t get away from hard work. This is where most fail. Because even if you know very well you should eat better, stress down and so on there is a daily struggle to actually do all these things you know are good for you. We find the doing part extremely hard ourselves. This daily struggle of ours was also a major reason why SuperState was born.


Well, it is highly complex to understand what makes up an amazing and super day versus a lousy day. Focusing on only one element is sadly not enough. For instance, it often does not matter if you eat the “perfect” breakfast if you have not gotten enough sleep your morning will most likely be quite lousy. Our experience is that you have to think more holistically. Making sure you take care of all the core elements of yourself. This means, focusing on core elements like what you eat, how you move, what you think, how your sleep quality is and so on. It is hard, but we all get better at it. One day at a time. After a while it is very satisfactory to look back at each day you have grown and hopefully learned something new about yourself. You are able to connect more and more dots. And after all – sleeping, eating, move, thinking etc is what you do anyway each day. So why not pay attention to it.

Being inspired and understand the importance of the whole holistic thing is easy, but we all know that actually committing to do things on a daily basis is the hardest part. Actually implementing all the inspiring and cool things you pick up on podcasts, from friends, at seminars, on youtube channels, blogs etc.

You know. The person you are today has been made over many years. You already have your way of doing things. Your own daily “program” of habits and routines. Changing this “program” – your program – can therefore be hard. For that reason, our experience is that it needs to be super simple, super convenient, super effectful etc, for you and us to be able to “just do it”. That is why we have developed the reinvented 5-a-day (which will be covered in more detail in another post) and other concepts. Action is the most important key to any success.

Thrive on others experiences. Share yours with love.

Our approach to knowledge is different. All over the world people are doing different things daily to thrive in their lives. These are the things we study. Real people with real results. Their tactics, routines and habits. Actionable things we all can copy and test for ourselves. Resulting in only the things with proven effect for others. So, what you will find on our platform is only the actionables that have been recommended by someone else. Not by industry players or companies with a hidden agenda, but by real people. We have and will continue to collect and serve these actionables to you in a practical format.

And on your own journey, we encourage you to share your experiences as well, so that we can all thrive and make each other better.

Do like us. Always walk the talk and pay it forward. Experiment and find what works for you.

It is convenient

To make sure you have Superstate with you when you need it, the most logical thing for us was to develop something digital. Something that let you access the good stuff anytime. Something that fits your life. Something that doesn’t make you sacrifice a lot. Just enriching your life. The thing we missed ourselves basically. We have become a huge fan ourselves of these digital companions.

As a member of Superstate you will have access to a digital platform that makes sure your lifestyle change is as easy as possible. A place where you have a full overview of your journey. A place where you find others on the same path as you. A place to explore things that will make you better. Think of it as a ground control.

But more often than not you don’t spend that much time at ground control. You are on the run. In addition, you need (at least we felt for it) something a bit more dynamic and even more convenient on the go. That is why we also have developed a new friend for you in Facebook Messenger. A friend you can talk to and ask for help. A friend that reminds you of your daily tasks. A friend that keeps you accountable for what you have committed to. For your convenience. In accordance with your existing life.

It is personal

We don’t aim for or claim that there is one perfect way for all. In fact, not even the three of us founding SuperState is doing the same things. We have different lifestyles, different exercise routines, different personalities, different background, different x and different y. It therefore makes sense that we have different ways to live in our personal SuperState as well. The same is true for you.

For that reason, we tailor our service as much as we can for you. So, let’s say you are allergic to gluten, then we make sure you don’t have to scroll through recipes you can’t eat anyway. Simple and logical. We all are a bit different, but what unites us are the struggles to improve our daily habits.


How we like to think of you

This exact picture has been with us since the very beginning.

It is how we visualize the experience of being part of Superstate. Your experience

We imagine you being almost like a Formula 1 driver. Someone who has ambitions above average. Someone who set high standards for themselves. Someone who tries to go as fast as they can with the vehicle they have been given. Someone who aspires to be the best version of themselves.

Someone who on most race days do very well. Often ending up at the top of the victory podium, splashing champagne all over the place. But also someone who from time to time might not be able to perform at the standard they aspire to or at the speed themselves and their vehicles are capable of. Because life isn’t always fair. Sometimes you possibly celebrated your victory by drinking the whole bottle of champagne instead of splashing it all out, you were up all night worrying about next day’s important race, a driver on another team annoyed you, you had to eat the only crappy food available, your race got cancelled due to a storm, someone else made you crash or whatever else that might hinder you. And you know what. That’s fine. You should celebrate a bit extra from time to time, you will not be able to sleep 100 % optimal each night and so on. In fact, it is very hard to avoid all such scenarios and temptations. That’s just part of being human.

Make sure you know the following.

Even if you have one or more days not being “super” does mean your Formula 1 career (or Superstate career if you like) is over. You are still part of the team. Most important for us is that you keep your vision of being the best driver in your own life. Doing the best you can to be so. Then we want you on our team.

And we are there to help you. Because we are the crew around you. Your team. Ready in the pit stop. You are constantly at the center of our attention. We are the ones making sure only the best are available for you. We are specialized in every way. We are drivers ourselves. We make sure you have balance – it doesn’t matter if three of the wheels have perfect air pressure if the fourth one is punctured. We help you realize when to break and when to accelerate. Measuring your performance and analyze it thoroughly for you. We are there with every specialist at once. If we spot something holding you back we let you know and fix it. We care about even small improvements – knowing that such things accumulate over time.

Basically, we don’t succeed if you don’t succeed. So we are there to give you the best possible prerequisites for you to drive like you aspire to. Unleashing your full potential!

And never forget.

When you are out racing on the track. Between the pit stops. We and all other Superstaters are your biggest fans. We fill up the grandstands, wave our flags, fill up our bulletproof coffee mugs and cheer for you! We are on this journey together! You will never drive alone.


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