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My favorite happiness hack is still too embarrassing to be done in public

Up until now I have never revealed my favorite hack for happiness to anyone. I have done it secretly for years!

It has some amazing benefits. Besides putting a huge smile on my face every time, it gets my blood flowing, it makes me focus on being present, my lymphatic system gets moving, it gives me energy, it is a quick fix, really simple, makes me playful etc.

However there is a huge drawback in the fact that I feel really embarrassed when  I do it in front of others (or rather if I had done it).

Remember the episode from Friends where Phoebe runs like a weirdo in Central Park? Well, that is basically illustrating the essence of my favorite hack for happiness.

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Acting kind of “silly” in a way that would be embarrassing had it been other people around really gets my mood going. At least it works amazingly well for me and I encourage you to try it as well. I suspect it to be such effectful because it is a side of me that I not too often expose publicly. I often am considered serious, hard working and such so most likely this hack “trick” my body and mind to be more balanced. For me the hack is most effectful when I think I am alone and there is a slight chance that I can be “caught” 😊. Most likely it would have been even more effectful if I had dared to do it in public as well, but I’m not ready for that yet!

I make sure to have some sort of music and move my body (i.e. almost dance) to the rythm. I often use the hack to spice up activities such as vacuum cleaning, emptying the dishwasher, warm-up sessions for exercising etc.

As mentioned I have done this secretly when alone – either in my house, in the forest running or similar. However, Phoebe taught us you shouldn’t give a shit what people think about you. Phoebe took the lead and became an inspiration for someone else (e.g. if you watch the Friends episode you will see Rachel start to do the same thing after a while) . This is such a good hack that we need several “Phoebes” to not make it a secret anymore. As of now I am one of them – a bit embarrassed about the video but hopefully inspiring someone to try it.

Here is the video. By the way, I tried to make it into a single video shot, but ended up putting together several clips of some of the most silliest sessions performed during the last two days. Actually I was originally making a video about jump rope but got so happy doing it that I changed the topic 🙂


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