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3 grunner hvorfor en mislykkes med keto (delt av BiOptimizers)

I Superstate er vi opptatt av å få fram at vi er personer bak selskapet (altså vi; Atle og Steinar). Vi vil ikke bare være “nok” et brand som “pusher” produkter. Blant annet er det ikke tilfeldig at vi har et bilde av oss selv tydelig på forsiden av nettsiden vår. 

Mye av grunnen til dette ligger nok i at vi merker hvordan vi selv ser på andre aktører. Det er ikke tilfeldig at det nettopp er eksempelvis Bulletproof vi har i vårt sortiment. Det er hundrevis av timer fra vår side med podcaster, bøker, artikler og annet fra Dave Asprey (og hans gjester) som gjør at vi forstår hvorfor Bulletproof skiller seg fra andre merker på markedet. Hadde det ikke vært for de synlige personene bak og tilliten man har til dem hadde vi nok ikke stolt på produktene deres heller. 

Det er liksom noe mer som ligger bak – et ønske om å prestere bedre, være den optimale versjonen av seg selv, oppnå sin Superstate eller hvordan en selv velger å formulere det. Produktene er heller snarveier og ting som gjør det hele mye enklere (og ikke det det egentlig handler om). 

Samme type personlighet er Wade fra BiOptimizers. For ikke lenge siden delte Wade noen ord om Keto. Istedenfor å gjøre vår egen artikkel på akkurat det samme velger vi denne gangen og heller dele Wade sine egne ord. Ord vi kjenner oss igjen i og som vi gjerne deler med deg.


Wade Lightheart / Co-Founder BiOptimizers om hvorfor en mislykkes med keto

Over the last few years, we’ve gotten a ton of feedback from our Keto promotion partners, advocates, and clients. They’ve given us some great information on why people succeed and why people will fail on ketogenic diets.

Here are the three biggest reasons people fail when trying Keto.

1) Poor planning – Success in Keto, especially in the first month largely depends on making the switch from Carbohydrate Burning to Fat-Burning, and to do this you need to go through the difficult “fat-adaptation phase”.

Any deviation on your diet by eating carbs (especially hidden carbs) and the diet is an absolute fail. Keto “flu’s”, rashes, headaches, low energy, and overall digestive discomfort often discourage the early ketogenic dieter from sticking with the program.

Pro-Tip: If you’re going to Keto, be well stocked and well prepared with all of the Keto-friendly foods you can.

2) Social Conditioning – Sticking with Keto means avoiding a lot of your favorite foods, especially all the carb and sugar-loaded items served in most social settings. Even when people love the diet they often hate the social awkwardness of rejecting their friends or hosts specially prepared dishes.

Let’s face it, humans are social creatures and when you combine food cravings with personal or professional social situations being the “weird one” can kill the connection whether it’s a family gathering, networking event, or critical business meeting.

Pro-Tip: Don’t start keto during busy promotion seasons, holidays, or when you have a heavy social calendar as those first few weeks are critical to getting you in the “fat-adapted” stage where politely resisting the most decadent foods while navigating important social occasions with grace and ease.

3) Inability To Digest, Absorb, and Utilize Fat – The first few weeks are the most critical component of the ketogenic diet. Your body has to go from burning carbs to burning fat and there’s a lot of resistance metabolically and digestively to do this.

To break down fats, you need up to four different types of lipase enzymes, many of which are not being produced by your body in those early stages or at all:

Second, you need to produce sufficient hydrochloric acid in your gut and enough bile production by your gallbladder to continue the digestive process so that you can break down those fatty acid chains into usable energy units.

Third, you need to deliver those fats into the cell with L-Carnitine to transport the fats into the mitochondria so it can be turned into energy.

Bottom line, unless you have spartan like discipline, a great plan, and an abundance of the right enzymes, nutrients, and strong mitochondria capable of burning all of that fat efficiently, you’ll probably suffer from a lot of side effects that will leave you disappointed with the Ketogenic diet.

How do I know this?

Because for nearly two decades I’ve been a vegetarian while my business partner Matt Gallant has been an advocate of the ketogenic diet. We used to argue about these points for hours but then after nearly 20 years of debating the merits of both of our diets we decided to find some common ground.

Matt went to work in the lab, determined to convert even the most hardcore carb enthusiast in the world, “your’s truly”, into a Keto believer.

First, he combined our famous Tri-Phase Proteolytic Enzymes with his unique Lipa4 Enzyme combo to ensure you could break down virtually any type of protein or fat in the first stage of digestion.

Second, he added Betain HCL for the gut, Dandelion Root for the bile, and Astrazyme to boost the effectiveness of all the enzymes to ensure the fats would get fully broken down so you don’t get the runs, rashes, or reflux from the diet.

Finally, he added L- Carnitine, CoQ10, & a truly unique product called 7 Keto-DHEA which ensures the fats get delivered to the cells efficiently, and your mitochondria are revving like a Formula One performance car ready to deliver an extra boost in mental focus and fat-melting energy.

Thus his new product kApex was created and I got to try early tests of the product completely in the blind.

That’s right, I didn’t know what was in them as Matt didn’t want my biases, opinions, or theories to get in the way of how the product worked. I didn’t change a thing in my diet and took 4 caps first thing in the morning, and then again at 4 pm.

BIG MISTAKE – I was up until 2 in the morning working on my computer without coffee or stimulants. It was like somebody left the lights on in my brain and I couldn’t shut them off.

The next day, I did 4 caps in the morning and 4 at noon. Again ridiculous levels of energy and focus and this time I did get to bed before midnight.

On the third day, I just did 4 caps in the morning and to my delight, I had clean smooth energy and focus all day long.

And after 12 months, I was able to do alternate fasting with ease using just 4 caps of kApex upon waking up in the morning both on my feed days which last from 8 am to 8 pm and then I go 36 hours with absolutely no food at all before I eat again.

The only thing I consume is 4 caps of kApex.

While I don’t think Matt will ever convince me that Keto is the way for me I do need to share the results of a recent test I took called the HOMO-IR test performed by my Naturopathic Doctor Dr. Paul Maximus which revealed a startling result.

The HOMO-IR test is the gold standard that measures your Insulin to Blood Glucose response in the body. Dr. Maximus told me he had never seen a 47-year-old man with this good of a test. He said I had the blood of a healthy twenty-year-old and it looked like I was on a ketogenic diet for years. In fact, even his long time keto guys never had blood work that looked this good.

He said to me, “Wade if you lived to be a 150 it’s likely you would never develop diabetes or have a blood sugar problem.” AND this was before I began alternate day fasting!!!

The bottom line is ever since I got into bodybuilding at 15 and finished my career competing in the Mr. Universe Contest I never felt right digesting fats but with kApex I never have a problem breaking down even the fattiest meal like the giant pizza I scarfed down two nights ago for a friend’s going away party.

kApex has made a massive difference in my life, a confirmed “CARBIVOIRE, and the lives of thousands of Keto enthusiasts around the world, including some of the biggest names in the high-performance Biohacking industry.

This product is a game-changer for people who want to do keto but can’t get through those early difficult weeks or for people like me who don’t do Keto but want that extra energy boost without resorting to stimulants like coffee to get through the day.


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